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We want to meet your furry friends!

We are super excited to announce the addition of a new division here at Rebecca Vinacour Photography: Pet Photography!!!

phoenix pet photography

Growing up, I didn't have any pets, the closest thing my parents would allow me to have was a pet goldfish, who I named Morris, after the 9 Lives Cat. Even as an adult, I never wanted to have a pet. That was until I met the cat who would be known as Amma. Amma was living in a drainage ditch outside of an El Pollo Loco in Phoenix. One night, my partner Gunnar and I stopped in to get some food. (Don't judge me- it was after 10pm and I was starving!) Gunnar was eating some chicken and this adorable little cat came over and insisted that we pet her. I was a little weary, but Gunnar went petting away. He gave me a piece of chicken to feed the cat, who promptly grabbed the meat and ran across the parking lot and down an embankment. Yes, the cat hustled us for chicken. We followed her to a small drainage ditch, where she was standing outside a drainage ditch, meowing. All of a sudden, 6 little baby kittens came crawling out of the drainage ditch, where the Mama cat fed them the chicken.

Because we were new to Phoenix and didn't have any friends, Gunnar and I continued to go back to the drainage ditch to visit the Mama cat and her babies. Several misadventures later, Mama cat's babies were stolen, and not knowing what else to do, Gunnar and I took her in, named her Amma, and we all lived happily ever after. A couple of years later, a friendly stray cat who had been hit by a car showed up on our porch, and several thousand dollars and a complicated surgery later, we added Malcolm the Cat to our family.

Now that I know firsthand the joy that adding a pet to one's life can provide, adding a Pet Photography division is a no brainer. So, in celebration of our new division, we are offering the first three clients who book a session with their furry friend(s), a free mini session! The session can either be with you and your family with your pet, or a portrait session from your cat or dog by themselves. Email or call for more details!

phoenix pet photographer

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