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What is an Engagement Session?

An Engagement Session is a chance to get professional photos taken before your wedding. Those photos of you and your bride or groom can be used for Save the Dates, for Thank You cards, for your wedding website, for a slideshow at your reception, for a Sign In book, or for a beautfiul canvas or framed print at the reception. It also gives you and your wedding photographer a chance to get to know one another before the biggest day of your life!


Are you getting married in NYC, Brooklyn, Phoenix, or the greater Metropolitan area? Let's talk! Having lived in the West Village, Union Sqaure, the Lower East Side, the Upper East Side, Carroll Gardens, Park Slope, Prospect Heights, and Queens, I know of a ton of special spots around the city- can you tell I lived in NYC for a long, long time?

If you are getting married in Phoenix, I know of some super secret spots around the Valley, in Glendale, Sedona, Village of Oak Creek, Prescott, Gilbert, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Downtown, and everywhere in between! As a wedding photographer, it's my job to be adventurous! While I can suggest places with stunning backdrops, it is often a great idea to do your engagement session in a place that is special to you and your bride and groom: the place you first met, the cafe where you went on your first date; the garden where you proposed; even your childhood home.


If you have children or pets that are part of your family, it can be fun to get a few shots of them, but I don't recommend having them in every shot. It's best to have them there at the beginning and then have a trusted friend or family member take them home. I do not recommend bringing friends along. This is your special time, and the time to get to know your wedding photographer without distractions or stress.


Don't worry! Picture shy couples are my favorite people to work with. As a camera shy person myself, I totally get it. I mean, here is a stranger, holding a large, fancy digital camera, capturing my very soul! Yikes! By the time we get to your engagement session, I hope that we will be on our way to being good friends. Everyone has a super power. Mine is making people feel relaxed and at ease. I promise to make you laugh, to not let you take yourself to seriously. You will actually have a good time. I promise!


That depends on your own person style. If you are a fancy dress and heels kind of girl, by all means, work it! Are you more hippy chic, punk rock, or conservative? How you dress is up to you. You want to look great, but you also want to feel comfortable, and like yourself. Come dressed as your favorite version of you.

A few guidelines for you: If we are shooting in the summertime, make sure that whatever you are wearing is amenable to the heat- sweat stains are not fun to get rid of in Photoshop! If you are a women, please be sure that any bra straps are covered. I also recommend staying away from logos and very bright whites.

I beg you not to wear matching outfits. Coordinating outfits is fine, but please do not come dressed wearing the same thing .Coordinating outfits is preferable- in other words, make sure that the colors and patterns that you and your fiancee are wearing don't clash. If you are traditional and lean towards a more conservative look, I recommend wearing colors that are in the same color family, but in different tones (dark vs light). Or, rather than all wearing different shades of the same color, you can pick a couple of different complimentary colors- like greys, whites, and blacks- work with mid tones instead of the brightest or palest, so that you don't clash. Or, if you prefer a more modern look, you can coordinate different bold colors and pattens- so the patterns can be different but you will want to make sure they have something in common like color, texture, or tone. You can also take into account the color scheme of the room where you will be hanging the photos.

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