Actor's Headshots​

Actor's Headshots​
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There are a lot of great photographers out there.  But being a great photographer isn't enough to produce a great headshot.  I studied acting at NYU and went on to become a casting director at one of NYC's biggest casting offices.  I've seen a lot of headshots from god awful to breathtakingly unforgettable.  I know firsthand what casting directors are looking for and I can help you achieve it.  Once you choose me to take your headshots, we will meet in person for a 30 minute consultation, where we will discuss your career goals, and decide on the best looks for your type:  are you the next Jennifer Lawrence or a young Steve Carell?  I will help you choose.  We will discuss makeup, hair, and wardrobe, and I will give you homework so that you come to your session totally prepared to kick butt.  
I am also available for corporate headshots and linkedin profile photos.
Sessions start at $250.  

Los Angeles Headshot Photographer

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